D. Di J Type


Ice cream van. 1:76 scale model. D. Di Mascio’s

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D.Di Mascio J Type   Reg number WHP 811    Scale 1:76    Approximate dimensions Length 5cm   Width 2cm   Height 2.5cm

A Morris J Type Ice Cream Van in maroon and cream, with none of the modern day hype. The graphics simply promote Delicious Ice Cream and sensibly feature the Danger Children Crossing warning sign to motorists across the back. Offset with black and silver trim and maroon wheel inserts echoing the body colour, the model represents the everlasting appeal of ice cream to children then and now. The Morris J van lent itself to a variety of uses and provided the perfect vehicle for ice cream vendors of the era.

On a personal note, the first ice cream van I drove when I passed my test aged 17 was a D.Di van. I was a van boy from the age of 10 to 17 and served in many different D.Di vans. I can not say for sure if WHP 881 was one of the vans I worked in but there is a very good chance.


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