Lyons Maid Ford Anglia


Ice cream van. 1:76 scale model. Lyons Maid

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Lyons Maid Ford Anglia   Reg number LTU 300C    Scale 1:76     Approx dimensions Length 5cm Width 2cm Height 2.5cm

The last Anglia, the 105E, appeared in 1959 and when it ceased production in 1967 over 1,000,000 units had been produced. With a top speed of 73.8 mph it could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 26.9 seconds. Variants included an estate and a panel van. Several were converted for use as Ice Cream vans and this model is shown in the Lyons Maid livery. The driver would have climbed over his seat into othe rear of the van which had been heightened to allow the serving of Ice Cream.


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