Lyons Maid HA


Ice cream van. 1:43 scale model. Lyons Maid

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Lyons Maid HA     reg FDJ 537D    Scale 1:43     Approximate dimensions  Length 9cm   Width 3.5cm    Height 5.5cm

The HA van was very economical and sold well into the large fleets, notably the regional gas companies, the electricity boards, water authorities and British Railways and Post Office Telephones. When the Morris Minor ceased production in 1972, Bedford stepped into the void created by the lack of an immediate replacement and gained large orders from Post Office Telephones (1972-1982) and later Royal Mail (1975-1978). The HA was also modified for a number of special applications, including a high top, which Martin Walter designed primarily for the garment trade. A good number of these were also sold to laundry companies, whilst several local authorities employed them in their Park and Gardens departments. Camper versions soon appeared and firms like Morrisons, Cummins and Archibold Scott converted them to ice-cream vans and burger bars. One of the oldest conversions to the HA was the offering by Cummins of Crewe, who produced the Batman mobile.


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