Walls CA


Ice cream van. 1:43 scale model. Walls

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Walls CA    Reg TBV 823    Scale 1:43   Approximate dimesions Length 9cm   Width 4cm   Height 5cm

This CA series feature a one-piece windscreen, but you’ll note from the picture that this ice-cream variant has the window split. This was a feature of the MK1 version, but there were many complaints and Vauxhall’s windscreen suppliers were asked to make a curved version using the same technology as for the Victors and Crestas. It is generally thought that the MKII front, which was launched in 1959, on which our vehicles are based wouldn’t therefore have a split windscreen.
This isn’t true as many of the coachbuilders who made modified versions often purchased the chassis and added their own body parts, often these kits would come from other suppliers. Hence MKII fronts could often be seen with what looked like MK1 body features. It wasn’t until later that CALZ one-piece window sets were supplied.
The generator was mounted on a strengthened ‘chassis tail’ as the normal tail would be to weak to hold it. It sat under the counter at the back, being vented by a small mesh grille seen below the waistband. An all-glassfibre roof reduced the weight of the body, but the overall load was still very heavy.
The CA was a very important vehicle to the ice-cream market and there were many different variants produced by the different manufacturers. Some articles report 50 per month being produced, which when you think of the other vehicles available, means 1,000’s of vans coming off the production line each year.


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